All About Me!

     This is me, Devin Mazza.
The little things to know about me are: I grew up in the tiny, yet thriving, town called Nashville. It's located in Brown County, Indiana. I can pretty much mention where I'm from to just about anyone and they will know exactly where it is. Always saying how cute and quaint it is. No matter how much I complain about that place, I am so grateful that I grew up in a small town, where nothing bad really ever happened and everyone was close.
Now I have moved to the big city of Indianapolis, Indiana. Living right, smack dab in the middle of downtown. I work two jobs in order to support living up here in ana apartment that is MUCH too expensive, with roommates who are incredibly weird. Luckily, my boy friend stays with me pretty much every night in order to keep me sain. But he's an entirely different story. This blog is soley about ME and my PHOTOGRAPHY. I am in art school studying graphic design and photography, but I'm trying really hard to make it in the photography world. I'm using this blog to, hopefully, get my name out there a bit more.
PLEASE, if and when you read this, check out my photography facebook link I have posted on my main page and tell all of  your friends about me!! I'm willing to travel and I am very well priced with great photos.

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  1. Third attempt to send you information, saw you in the alley the other day, I would love to talk with you at your earliest availability.

    Ryan Scott
    Brand Strategist
    333 N. Alabama St. Suite 350
    Indianapolis, IN 46204